Updated: Aug 5, 2020

No subject? No problem! How to express trends or general activities?

This is a topic that we teach during one of our beginners stages, but let's revise it together.

Ex. (SINGULAR): Si + 3a persona singolare

In Italia si mangia bene e a lungo - In Italy one eats well and for a long time.

Si dice che Colombo sia nato a Genova - Columbus is said to have been born in Genoa.

Si racconta che Marco Polo sia arrivato in Cina - It is said that Marco Polo has arrived to China.

A Roma si guida sempre nel traffico - In Rome you always drive in traffic.

Ex. (PLURAL): SI + 3a persona plurale

Nel mondo si parlano tante lingue - Many languages are spoken in the world.

Gli spaghetti si mangiano con la forchetta - You eat spaghetti with the fork.

In questo palazzo si affittano tre camere - In this building you can rent three rooms.

In politica si fanno tante promesse - You make a lot of promises in politics.

Conjugate the verbs in brackets to form the sentence, using the impersonal form:

1. In Giappone (mangiare)__________il sushi tutti i giorni.

2. In Germania (indossare)______________ molto i sandali.

3. In Francia (usare)_________________la moda dei baffi e del basco.

4. Negli Stati Uniti (guidare)___________le automobili di grossa cilindrata.

5. In Spagna (ballare)____________il flamenco anche in discoteca.

6. In Russia (bere)___________la vodka.

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