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Can you become fluent in 1 month?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

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The answer to the question above is short and simple: NO!

More and more we see the ads of learning apps saying :"become fluent in 1 month" or "speak the language in few weeks". While it's possible that some particularly skilled people (a small minority) can learn and speak a language fluently in few months, any serious teacher has to be honest and say that learning a language in 1 or 2 months is nearly impossible. Yes of course, you will be able to put some phrases together, to ask questions and even understand something, but you won't be fluent.

Learning a language requires motivation, a level of dedication and everything depends on the single individual. Certainly living in the country helps to speed up the learning as the students is completely surrounded by the local language, so that the understanding and consequently the speaking improves. Often in these cases we end up speaking a "street language" though, if the learning process is not accompanied by a professional approach and a good understanding of rules.

Another important point to emphasise is that a language needs to be digested, you can't absorb a tense today and another one tomorrow, you can't just learn 100 words today and 200 tomorrow. On top of that, even if you know a lot of vocabulary, it's essential to know how to structure the phrases and work out the rules of the tenses.

What a student needs to do is to keep the motivation, the fun and the patience. Soon or later the improvements come, but rushing the learning process because someone told you it's possible to be fluent quickly is never a good idea. Don't give up if you don't understand some topics straight away, don't get frustrated if the pronunciation is not perfect, carry on and try, practice but please: Don't believe who tells you that you can be fluent very quickly, because this promise doesn't respect you and doesn't respect the language neither. Apps are a great way to practise and integrate what you learn in your classes, however they can't replace a full lesson in which you interact with other students and your teacher. With our classes we give always the chance to interact, make mistakes and clear doubts, as theory is the starting point but then you have to try to speak if you really want to improve. Buona fortuna!

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