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Discover our online Italian courses 

italian online courses are available via zoom

We are excited to offer online italian courses. This has given us the opportunity to provide a new option to those who don't want to quit their hobby and those who would like to learn italian online.
The platform we use is Zoom, which is the best option  for video-lessons. Our approach remains untouched: communication and verbal practice still dominate the lessons. 

In order to join our online italian language classes  you will just need :

a good internet service;

desktop computer,  laptop,  tablet or a mobile phone with camera;

a good motivation as usual;)

With our Online italian courses we can replicate the same activities we do successfully  in the traditional classroom.
Screen sharing: Teachers share their screens to highlight points and explain practices. We also send the material by e-mail before the lesson starts.
Breakout rooms: students can privately practise the conversation with other classmates.
Virtual white board: Used to explain the technical topics.

Face-to-face or online, our goal doesn't change: we want you to learn while enjoying the process. No need to take your car, no need to look for a parking spot. You can do it from your living room with a glass of wine.
Still not sure? Feel free to ask for a trial! We'll be happy to test the audio-video quality with you.

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