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Frequently answered questions

How long does learning the language take?
Learning a language requires patience, enthusiasm and motivation, everything depends on many things. Our beginner courses (absolute, continuous, advanced) will give you enough tools to use the language in conversation. You'll start to learn and speak from the very first lesson, but it's important to complete the 3 steps to discover all the most important topics.  If you really enjoy the classes and the language, would be a shame not to join the pre-intermediate and intermediate levels, which will allow you to be quite fluent. 
Do I need to attend every lesson?
It would be ideal to attend as much as you can of course, but it's very common to miss 1 or 2 classes over the term. We send notes by e-mail anytime one can't make it. It's recommended to check the notes in order to catch up.

How much grammar do you provide?
For adult learners grammar is important in order to learn any language. Our biggest effort is to minimize the impact of grammar by simply providing rules to apply in conversation. We also prepare all our lessons and avoid classic textbooks to give a more enjoyable experience.

How many students are in the group?
It will depend on the level. Now we work online and we prefer to keep the number slightly lower to maintain the quality. On average our groups host between 6 and 9 students.

I have already done some italian through apps. Can I jump to the higher levels?
Learning apps are a good way to know more vocabulary and practice, however our courses teach you how to communicate and put words together to shape phrases. Interaction with others and repetition are essential if you want to be able to express yourself. Knowing some rules and words doesn't always mean you're able to communicate. Give us a call if you're in this situation, we'll be able to judge your starting level.

Can I attend in the morning?
Periodically we open beginners courses in the morning. The times are those mentioned in the page "courses and costs". 


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